Saturday, October 6, 2012

Before & After: Love those thrift stores!

Found these at a thrift store for $7.  They came with hideous shades, too... But I actually took those off and left them there. They were nasty. I didn't even want them in my trash can. 

...I digress. Look, one of them even came with a lightbulb! What a steal. :)

Anyway, a few coats of spray paint later, and some new pretty drum shades, and we're in business people!


  1. Mel, you present such wonderful ideas. What type paint did you use on the lamps? I have 2 metal lamps I now want to paint.


  2. Bonnie- sorry for my late response! I just used a can of Krylon! Spray paint is the BEST! :)

  3. Hi Mel,
    I miss your posts. Are you going to do a Christmas one?