Friday, May 18, 2012

High Five for Friday!

Long time no blog!

I know. I know. Life has been crazy! Anyway...

I am linking up for the first time ever to Lauren at From My Grey Desk! Love her blog!

This has been a great week, as far as high-fives and such go. It's been a draining week, too. And I'm rather glad it's over! I must say, the mail has made this week fun. I never get mail. But this was a fun mail week. And also, Josh just makes everything awesome.

One: I got my first Birchbox! I was sooo excited to open it!

Pretty fun stuff! You should try it!

I came home from work one day to a painted bathroom! Josh is so sweet. He's on a short break before summer school starts, and he chooses to spoil me! We still have decorating to do, obviously, but I am LOVING the grey!

And he also made this one day! We have a huge backyard and we have tons of plans for it. One of them was a fire pit. Well, my handsome man made it happen this week! Isn't he awesome? We'll eventually lay bricks all around it, but for now, I'm just really excited to go make a s'more. :)

Ok. This wasn't THIS week. I am a bloggy failure. But I wanted to show you my new mug that I got from the coffee mug swap over at Suzelz Says! 

Leslie at Peace, Love & Everything Pink sent this one to me. I love it! I have been using it so much this week! Isn't it adorable? And very me. :) 

And my far-away friend Melissa sent us the pretty green throw on our couch for a wedding gift!! I had mentioned to her that I was looking for a throw, and viola, it came in the mail! :) I love it so much. She is too sweet!

Pretty good week overall! :)



  1. Love the mug and grey walls!

    I've been wanting to paint some walls grey, but can't decide where. Our bathroom might be the ticket.

    Glad you linked up! :)

  2. Just wanted to say welcome to the Birchbox family!! I joined a few months ago & can't wait for the surprises it brings me each & every month. So much fun.......

  3. Found your blog through H54F! Love your blog! New follower! So glad that you shared your testimony and that you read KJB!

  4. Love your blog!! Found it through Lauren's intro of you :) newest follower!!

  5. found your blog through fmgd... its so cute! love that cute mug you got :)

  6. Just found you via From my Grey Desk....can't wait to read more!


  7. Hi there - I just found your cute blog from Lauren's blog, and I'm so glad I did. I can't wait to come back and look around when I have more time. Nice to "meet" you. I'm your newest follower. :)