Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Why I hate Pinterest:

Maybe hate is a strong word. Because really, I don't hate Pinterest. I use it often, in fact, and have made recipes from it that were good, I've discovered making my own laundry detergent is easy-peasy and I'll never go back, and I've gotten cute house-y ideas from it.

However. Because I have pinned my little heart out, I sometimes feel so very... not enough.

My hair isn't good enough. My food isn't good enough. My clothes aren't good enough. My body isn't good enough. My makeup isn't good enough. My fingernails and toenails aren't painted good enough. I can't decorate cakes good enough...blah blah blah.

You know what? My sweet husband loves me the way I am. He tells me all the time. And oftentimes, I find myself second guessing him because I don't look like I stepped off my Pinterest page. But really I should care more about what my husband says, than what I think Pinterest would say. Right?

So I'm still going to use Pinterest. Because in all reality, it's pretty fun/cool/neato.

But I'm going to make a conscious effort to be the best me I can be- without caring what Pinterest would say. Of course I'm going to put effort into myself and try new hairdos, recipes, workouts and stuff... But I'm not going to try to be one million things I'm not! Not to mention... it's a huge time waster!

Much Love,
Not-a-super woman/baker/cake decorator/fashion designer/foodie/skinny/awesome/decorator/high fashion/weird makeup wearing/chef.

aka: Mel.  :)


  1. LOL Mel, you are a Christ-exalting, Jesus-loving, God-trusting, husband-loving, children-serving, woman of God! Yay! That's enough to keep me checking in from time to time to see what He's up to in your life.....Kathleen

  2. Mel, you've ALWAYS been the best you can be. Josh loves you, God loves you, your friends and family love you. You have it all, girl. -bonnie