Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Table Love!

So I found this full-of-potential table and chairs set on Craigslist. For $40. 

Yes that's right. $40.  And we don't have a truck, so I offered $10 more to have it delivered. Sold!

We painted the table white, and the chairs blue. How cute is that?! Thank you, Pinterest, for the inspiration. You are good for a select few things.

Also we picked up this light fixture for a steal. You can't see it because I stink at taking pictures. But it's cute. Trust me. 

I seriously love it. 

All we need to do now is reupholster the chairs, which will be easy enough, but won't happen until next paycheck. :)

Special thanks to my dearest friend, Ashleigh, for spending an hour with me in Home Depot picking out that perfect shade of blue. :)

[Edited to answer a question!: The chairs are "Tide Pools" by Behr, and the table is "Moon Rise" by Behr.]

And for you Better After readers... no, I haven't done the fabric yet. That will come with another paycheck :) Until now, the upholstered part just looks hideous. Don't look! :)


  1. This is cute! I love it :) you did an great job!!

  2. It is beautiful! What is the name of the blue paint?

  3. Super cute Mel, love it! :) Wonderful transformation! :)

  4. How did you paint the table? I'd LOVE to do that but I'm afraid the pain would wear off really fast (We have a 2 year old)! :)

    1. Hi Rachel! For a super sturdy table I would recommend an oil-based paint. That will make it pretty chip/wear proof and easily wiped! We used a Semi-gloss (the glossier you go, the sturdier it will be) Also, a friend of mine actually used a porch and deck oil based paint on her kitchen cabinets, and they said they were very good in the "sturdy" paint department! :) Hope that helped!

  5. Well done! Looks great!

  6. You could go pro! Well done!

  7. What is the color of the blue paint?