Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wedding Shadowbox!

All these random wedding items can either be 1) shoved in a closet, or 2) displayed like so. 
I pick the latter. :)

1- Invitation to our happiest day. 
2- My gorgeous, gorgeous veil. I love it.
3- The sash that was tied around my dress.
4- Well look at that, I don't have a number four... move along folks... nothing to see here. Literally.
5- Josh's boutonniere.
6- The flower that was on the blue sash around my waist.
7- Engagement picture.
8-My very favorite picture from our honeymoon.

What do you think? I am not usually a huge fan of shadow box displays, as I think they can look cluttered. But I also really wanted to find a way to display these items to remember the best day of our lives! 


  1. I love this! What a beautiful & great idea :) Maybe I"ll have to make one from our wedding :D Thanks for the idea!

  2. Um seriously that could not be prettier, friend! I love love love it! Also I am stealing this. I need one of these!