Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Tiny Announcement:

It really is tiny.


We are so excited to meet our little one in March(ish.)

Things are going well, too. So we are thanking God for that.

{For those who don't know, we were expecting last winter as well, but it ended up being an ectopic pregnancy, resulting in emergency surgery. It was such a devastating time in our lives, and we are thankful it's over.I think about that time in our lives every day and wonder why, but I have a lot of "why's" in my life that can't be explained. Maybe someday.}

We are just simply focusing on the fact that we are having a healthy pregnancy now, and can't wait to meet this little one that God designed for us to have.

Thank you to those of you who have already showed us such support and love! We thank God for the friends and family who are so wonderful to us!

Oh, and I promise to be a better blogger from now on! Really!!


  1. I am so thrilled for you!
    Joy!!! Love!!!
    Cynthia Heeren

  2. Aaaah! I'm so excited for you! You are going to be an amazing mama! So exciting!

  3. Can't wait to meet the newest little member of my church family!

    Hearing stories of baby complications makes my heart hurt. I'll be praying for the rest of your pregnancy to go well!! :)

  4. I did not know about your other pregnancy. :( What a roller coaster of a year it has been for you and Josh. I'm sorry for all of your losses and yet soooo EXCITED for this new life to arrive!