Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pinterest: The pins that work.

We all pin things wondering if they truly do work. Well I'm here to tell you, some of them are stupid. You knew that though, if you've been around Pinterest for any length of time. Have you seen that pin that says you should put cling wrap on your fridge shelves to make for an easy clean up? Stupidest idea ever. Why not just, oh, I don't know, clean your fridge!! Anyways.... I digress.

There are just a few of the pins that are honest-to-goodness legit. I thought I'd save you the wondering, and just tell you that these are Mel-approved. :)

This carpet cleaning solution. Half ammonia, half hot water. And a white towel and an iron. I doused the area of the suspicious stain (seriously. I don't have a clue where it came from.) and covered it with a white towel (colored towels are said to stain your carpet) and ironed it on high, holding it in one place for about ten seconds or so. When I lifted up the towel, it looked disgusting! Brown spots everywhere... but that meant they were NOT on my carpet any more! I LOVE this trick. I hate dingy-looking carpet. This totally works.

This recipe for banana cake. It is to die for. The end. Go make it.

This homemade shower cleaner. I have been using it for months. LOVE it. And it's so cheap to make!

This cinnamon roll recipe. Okay whatever, it's my post. They are really good though!! :)

What about you? Any super-pins?

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  1. I have been trying to decide on those two cleaning posts!! so now I will do them, because obviously they work. and the recipes, because duh, who doesn't like good food?