Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Laundry Room Re-do!

So our laundry room is tiny. Just a walk-way from the garage to the rest of the house, really. There wasn't any changing the size of it, but it just really didn't work for us functionally.

Here's the laundry room before:
(For the record, this is more of a "during" and it didn't always look this trashy. Promise! There was a wire shelf up (that was totally impractical because it didn't even reach both sides of the walls so stuff fell off all the time) And those cupboards are the dumbest. They were so tall I couldn't reach anything in them without climbing up on the washer/dryer. So, those really needed to come down.)

And this is after, minus all the laundry supplies up on the shelf. I just wanted you to see the beautiful wood shelves. :) I love them so much! My husband did a fabulous job on the whole room. I was just the one who picked things out. He did everything! I'm blessed. 

So here's one side after:
I want to eventually get new labels for everything. Cute ones. But for now, these work. And they were $2, so that's a perk...Also, please note my cute laundry detergent holder. :) Love it!

Here's the other side after. I love it so much! It makes so much more sense to me now, and as an added bonus I can now reach things easily. :)

In the end, "we" painted, added shelves, changed the light fixture, and spent a few dollars on some organizing items. 
I think I eventually want to have a little "clothesline" up above, since I plan to cloth diaper. I don't want little bum covers drying all over my house. But we'll see. I am always changing things up around here, so who knows how long this re-do will even be done.

Kidding, husband. Kidding. ;)

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